Privacy Policy

All photographs displayed on this website have been taken by myself, Marty Wakat. Images may be downloaded and used for personal displays, but may not be downloaded for purposes to sell or use in advertising. There are a few pictures of myself in the mountainboard section that were taken by my friend, Ben Eichner, who came to a few of the Mountainboard Nationals and took some pictures of me while I was racing. My company logo was created by myself, but the image is a public photo of my diving hero, Jacques Mayol. Mayol was one of the pioneers in the sport of free diving and was the focus of the 1988 film by Luc Besson called 'The Big Blue'.

All underwater photographs displayed on this website were taken by me without the aid of SCUBA. I am a freediver and prefer to explore the ocean as a purist. One journey. Each dive serves as its own experience that has its own life and limits. More can be experienced without the noise and distractions of breathing apparatus and bubbles created by them.